Monday, February 17, 2014

Reading the Classics

We’re always up for trying a classic cocktail, and Harry Craddock’s “The Savoy Cocktail Book” is the go to guide for all of them. Creative titles, and simple straightforward ingredients speak of fun, easy going times - in the hotel bar anyway. Thanks to a dear friend for giving us a first edition a few years ago to enjoy.

An American hotel of similar grandeur and fable is The Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington.  Opened in 1914, the hotel reigned over Spokane society and nightlife for decades - and still does.

The Matador Lounge and Dining Room was one of the hotel’s restaurants and bars for many years, and is where we get our story today.

The “Purple Bull” was the 21st birthday milestone drink for lots of people in Spokane.  A simple cocktail, but with the celebratory fun being the drink’s name and creative swizzle stick that came with it to take home - along with the glass.

We found the actual swizzle stick recently - a blown glass purple bull with rolly polly eyes, and a real metal cow bell around his neck.

We’ve remade it today, guessing a bit at the actual recipe -

Fill glass with ice
2 oz Light Rum
1 oz Crème de Cassis
Top off with Club Soda
Stir lightly
Add slice of Pineapple and the Bull to garnish

Please tell us your 21st Birthday drink stories!

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